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The Sweden road freight transport sector - 2021

The Swedish RFT sector, which is the largest in Northern Europe and the first to be the focus of a CNR study, is distinguished by the very specific way in which it is organized as well as by the unique characteristics of its vehicles.

The most commonly used vehicles are trucks attached to a semi-trailer by a dolly, a vehicle that complies with EMS standards.

Swedish international activity is thus largely confined to operations in Norway and Denmark. The RFT market across these three countries is extremely harmonized, so much so that Swedish hauliers often view it as an enlarged national market.

Swedish drivers, who tend to be productive and have many years of service with their company, benefit from a generous collective agreement. The annual cost of such drivers is estimated to be around 67,000 €, making it one of the highest in the European Union.
According to CNR calculations, the cost of a 60-tonne Swedish EMS vehicle operating internationally is in the region of 200,000 € per year, which equates to a per kilometer cost of 1.61 €. 

CNR invites you to discover this new study which brings details on Swedish RFT with operating conditions in 2021.