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Last updated : 12/02/2024

Since 2002, the CNR has carried out studies on road freight transport in the countries of the European Union. In total, around twenty countries are currently being studied enabling it to draw up an overview of European RFT sector. To carry out these studies, the CNR relies on documentary studies and field surveys, with professional associations, public institutions, hauliers and international truck drivers. In addition, the CNR realizes various comparative studies: European Road Freight Activity Rankings, social and fiscal comparative studies. All these documents are available in this space. There are usually supplemented by summaries and English translations.
Also presented there the prices of diesel in Europe and the excise duties applicable. Comparative studies on partial refunds of excise duties on commercial diesel are also available.

Essential indicators are thus made available to you to enable comparisons of countries, obtain information on the specificities of each flag and more.

Euro Zone UE27 Zone Euro Eco Space Outside the EU
Countries studied Countries not studied

p:  provisional
e: estimation