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CNR - The Luxembourg road freight transport sector - 2021

One of the features of road freight transport in Luxembourg is its strong international focus (i.e. 90% of the sector’s total activity).  It is worth noting the importance of cross-trade, which alone accounts for more than 45% of the sector’s international activity, as well as the growing prominence of cabotage, which accounts for more than 20% of overall activity. Luxembourg is ranked 13th among European transport sectors in terms of cross-trade and 7th when it comes to cabotage.

With regard to the operating conditions of vehicles and the working conditions of Luxembourg-based drivers, changes have been observed since the 2017 study. Annual vehicle mileage is up, 123,000 km compared to 118,450 km in 2017. This can be explained by the fact that the markets served by the companies surveyed in 2021 are different and located further away than in the 2017 survey – these include Spain and Italy. The same applies to the number of days vehicles are operated, which have risen to 240 days compared to 226 days in 2017. Conversely, the annual mileage driven by Luxembourg-based drivers fell overall over the same period, from 115,000 km per year in 2017 to 112,750 km.