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The Netherlands - The Dutch road freight transport sector - 2019

The Dutch RFT sector is marked by a strong specialization of its companies: logistics, containers, multimodal transport. This focus on specialization allows it to maintain an international activity representing half of the total activity of the flag. Dutch companies also stand out for their high productivity, around 50 extra hours per month on average for a Dutch driver working internationally. A trend that remains essentially the same as in 2016, the date of the previous CNR study on this flag.

Important development to highlight: the increase in the total cost of a driver of + 3%/year on average between 2016 and 2019, for a total cost of € 67,574/year in 2019. The new collective agreement (CAO) 2017 -2019 introduces an increase in the legal minima (gross basic salary, overtime, travel allowances) but also a new classification of Dutch drivers with the addition of an extra grade. The driver cost is not the only one to have experienced inflation since 2016. The toll cost increased by + 31% compared to 2016, mainly due to a general increase in tolls in Europe and the changeover of Belgium to the kilometer tax. The cost of owning a vehicle is also affected, + 22.5% compared to 2016.

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