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The Italian RFT sector - a summary - 2017

As the sixth largest player in the European road freight transport sector, the Italian flag is experiencing continuous cost increases and its competiveness has been undermined in respect of competing sectors. The cost per kilometer of an Italian heavy good vehicle, excluding structural costs, remains one of the highest in Europe. The proximity of low-cost flag holders in Eastern Europe such as Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania negatively impact the Italian sector even more. In an attempt to respond to this competition and provide flexibility to the labor market, efforts are being made at the regulatory level. These attempts, however, met resistance from employees and resulted in only marginal changes. In response, Italian RFT companies are adapting by relocating or often abandoning pure carrier activity in favor of foreign outsourcing.

The CNR invites you to discover this new study dedicated to the Italian RFT. It is supplemented by a summary in which there are elements of comparison with France.