CNR NGV fuel index

Last updated : 31/08/2021

The CNR NGV fuel price index describes the monthly changes in the average price of Natural Gas for Vehicles purchased by French road freight transport companies (RFT) under supply contracts. Prices are before VAT and include TICGN.
It brings together three products, the LNG, the CNG and bioCNG, the information relating to each being weighted by the relative weights of each gas in road fuel sales for 2019.
Base 100 = 08/2019

Methodological details

As the number of companies using NGV vehicles is low, the assessed fuel prices are based on survey administered to a small sample. Currently formed of about fifty hauliers owning fleets of NGV heavy vehicles of all sizes, the sample is intended to be increased. This enlargement is all the more necessary as the dispersion observed in the prices of NGV fuel is large.
In addition, as soon as the sample size allows it, CNR will be able to separately measure the price development of three types of NGV.
From a methodological point of view, the CNR NGV fuel price index cannot yet be compared with the CNR Diesel index established from a representative sample of 200 road freight transport companies.
In addition, some contracts provide for fixed prices over several months, which can decouple variations in the NGV fuel index and those in the monthly PEG price.

2019 2020 2021
January / 105.24 101.27
February / 97.50 105.78
March / 92.06 101.15
Avril / 94.59 102.63
May / 87.77 109.52
June / 85.38 119.68
July / 85.12 123.99
August 100.00 83.37 /
September 99.05 88.36 /
October 99.83 92.10 /
November 99.34 94.82 /
Novembre 99.91 98.16 /
Avg. 99.63 92.04 109.15
Avg variation year / -7.62% 18.59%

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